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A charge for providing public records is authorized by state law and has been established by the City of Bixby governing body. These charges are set at a level to compensate the City of Bixby for actual cost incurred in honoring your request. All fees are due at the time the request is made. Searches for commercial purposes or those that are disruptive of City operations are subject to a $10.00 per hour search fee.

Accident Reports: Under Oklahoma State Statute Title 47, Section 40-102, accident reports may not be examined, reproduced or otherwise used for commercial solicitation purposes. It shall be unlawful and constitute a misdemeanor for any person to obtain or use information from a collision report or copy thereof for the purpose of making a commercial solicitation.

Juvenile Records: Under Oklahoma State Statute Title 10, Chapter 73, juvenile records are law enforcement records and are considered confidential records. Therefore, the Records Division is unable to release any record on juvenile, including arrest records or reports in which the victim was a juvenile. These records cannot be released to the juvenile or his parents or guardian.