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Reserve Officer Unit

The City of Bixby is seeking applicants for the position of Reserve Police Officer.  Applicants must have 60 credit hours from an accredited college; pass a written exam, physical fitness test, oral board, MMPI and criminal background investigation.

The City of Bixby is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications available at City Hall located at 116 W. Needles, or below.

Application Deadline is May 11, 2018, no later than 5pm.

The Bixby Police Reserve Division fills a vital role by ensuring the safety of citizens at a variety of events throughout the City of Bixby. Reserve officers are community-spirited men and women who continue their full-time chosen careers, while also serving as volunteer part-time police officers. They receive no salary or compensation for their service. Reserve officers are full-authority police officers that supplement the police department’s daily operational capabilities. In addition, they are a force of additional police officers, which may be deployed during times of natural or man-made emergencies. The Bixby Police Reserve Division is an extension of the Bixby Police Department and consists of volunteers, who are trained to do whatever is necessary to assist the police department and the citizens of the city. The primary purpose of the reserve unit is to assist the department whenever needed. Often times, this can be on very short notice.



  • The requirements for reserve officer are the same as those for the full-time officers. Those interested in the reserve program should complete and submit a City of Bixby employment application.
  • Upload Completed and signed Application: CLICK HERE